Elder Scrolls Online - Part 1

Elder Scrolls Online – Part 1

Elder Scrolls Online - Part 1

The first bunch of screenshots from The Elder Scrolls Online!
It’s one of my favorite online RPG games and has one of the most online players to date. Zenimax Online Studios, the developer, keeps the game fresh with uploading new content approximately every 3 months. I’m Plus member so I have access to all the DLC, Morrowind and extra stuff. So enough material for lots of screenshots!
I like this game a lot because it has amazing graphics for an online game. Every quest has a unique story and there is lots and lots to do and explore.
I made the following screenshots back in 2015 and they are from the base game.

The first pictures of the DLC of Assassins Creed 3!

Screenshots that I have made in chronological order while playing the game from beginning to end.
Graphics are at highest settings and captured @ Full HD